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Unseen Japan is run by Japan enthusiasts, for Japan enthusiasts. Our dedication shows in the rapid growth of our readership. As of 2022, UJ reaches over 150,000 users monthly across its Web, social media, and mailing list properties. Our articles are distributed worldwide via Google News and SmartNews.

We fill a gap in the English language market for information about Japan by providing news and essays based primarily on Japanese sources. We don’t base our articles on outdated stereotypes. Our audience reads us, not to find out what the West thinks about Japan, but what Japan thinks about Japan. 

Sponsorship Opportunities

We offer a number of opportunities for both advertising as well as creating in-depth sponsored content. Sponsorship is perfect for businesses in Japan that aim to reach an English speaking market but don’t know how to get started. They’re also well suited to any business that caters to those interested in Japan and needs an easy, tailored way to reach that audience. 

Sponsorship opportunities include: 

  • Custom article and video content creation – either remote or on-site in Japan for events
  • On-site advertising
  • Advertising through our social media properties and e-mail list

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If you’re interested in sponsorship, please fill out the contact form below with a brief description of your needs. We’ll get back to you with our rate sheet, which includes audience demographics and available sponsorship packages.

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