French Tourist Arrested for Punching a Woman in Roppongi

French Tourist Arrested for Punching a Woman in Roppongi

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Roppongi, Tokyo at night
Picture: まちゃー / PIXTA(ピクスタ)
A 23-year-old French man had too wild of a night in Roppongi that ended with him slugging a woman and, eventually, being placed under arrest.

There are certain things you shouldn’t do when visiting a foreign country. Assaulting the locals may belong at the top of this list. One French tourist didn’t heed this basic etiquette – and now, he’s under arrest.

The incident

Roppongi - view of Tokyo Tower

According to local news, the suspect, 23 year old Charlie Evan (sic; チャルリー・エバン), was in Roppongi near Don Quixote on April 16th, around 5:40am, when he bumped into a woman in her 20s. LiveDoor News says she dropped a bento box she was carrying, leading to the two fighting.

Social media users have circulated video of the incident online. (We will not link to it directly, as the victim’s face is visible and the video may have been circulated without her permission.) In the video, the woman has her hands on the man as he backs away before he hauls off and punches her in the face. He runs away shortly after that, with people screaming in English after him.

The hit was so vicious, says LiveDoor, that it’ll take three weeks for the victim to heal fully.

Authorities found the suspect today and have placed him under arrest. It’s unclear yet when he will be formally charged. Japanese law allows suspects to be held for up to 23 days before charges are filed.

Evan claims, incredulously, that he “doesn’t remember” the incident that others caught on video. It’s unclear whether alcohol or drugs played a role.

As tourists come back, so do tourism problems

Roppongi is a popular spot for both tourists as well as Western foreign residents. Host to many high-end cabaret clubs, the location is a known hotspot for nighttime shenanigans.


Tourism – both domestic and international inbound – is increasingly steady in Japan since the country lifted visa entry restrictions in October 2022. Last month, the government of Japan ended mandatory mask mandates in order to further encourage travel and a return to the office.

The re-opening of tourism isn’t without its issues. Some locals in tourist hot spots such as Enoshima accuse both domestic and foreign tourists of crowding streets and violating litter laws.

The cost of travel to Japan isn’t as cheap as it used to be, either. While food and lodging is still relatively affordable, consumer prices are rising steadily due to both local and global economic conditions. Last week, Japan Railways shocked foreign tourists with its announcement that it would hike the price of its JR Rail Pass by nearly 70%.

Obviously, most tourists know better than to punch people when they’re guests in a country. But the incident is a good reminder of what one UJ fan said on Twitter: What you view as a “tourist area” is someone else’s home. Please treat it accordingly.

Tourist Areas in Japan Struggle with Ill-Mannered Visitors


【独自】六本木路上で20代女性の顔面パンチ 旅行中のフランス人の男を逮捕 弁当落としトラブル. LiveDoor News

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