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In 1873, the newly-minted Meiji government banned the age-old practice of kataki-uchi: blood revenge. Seven years later, the son of a murdered samurai would take his vengeance nonetheless.

What do straight women in Japan think about dating men who are seriously into manga or virtual artists? An online forum provides some interesting insights.

There’s no word quite like “yabai” in Japanese – an extremely popular slang term that can mean anything from “awful” to “risky” to “excellent, dude!” Yet the prevalence of “yabai” has some worried.

Some anime are more than political. In fact, our author argues, two of the most well-known anime in history are downright revolutionary.

Trying to order in Japanese at a Japanese restaurant? Here are some of the questions you might not expect – and how to respond to them.

Why a 2014 song by the popular songstress stirred controversy – and why seemingly “nationalistic” songs draw such controversy in Japan.

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