Domino’s 600g Pickles Pizza Hits Japan for a Limited Time

Domino’s 600g Pickles Pizza Hits Japan for a Limited Time

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Domino's Pickle Pizza
Picture: Domino's Pizza Japan; Canva
Delicious? Or something you'd eat only on a dare? Domino's Japan is betting that local consumers like pickles. Like, LOTS of pickles.

It’s hard to get attention in the social media age. Companies in particular seem to be going to further and further extremes to set themselves apart from the crowd.

The latest example? Domino’s Japan has seemingly joined Pizza Hut Japan in its quest to create the Most Offbeat Pizza Imaginable. Their latest offering comes with pickles. I mean, a LOT of pickles.

From pakuchi to pickles

Japan is no stranger to unique pizza toppings. In March this year, rival Pizza Hut stirred up social media buzz with its coriander (cilantro; Japanese – パクチー; pakuchii) pizza. Offered at only 250 of the country’s 500 stores, the Too Much Coriander (LOL) pizza retailed for a limited time and boasted three full stalks of coriander.

Of course, not everyone likes coriander. If you’re one of the unfortunate people to whom the herb tastes like soap, nothing about that idea appeals to you.

However, it appealed to quite a number of people in Japan, which hosts a hardcore contingent of coriander lovers. The chain sold twice as many pizzas as it had estimated, leading it to extend sales well into April.

“Until the pickles are gone”

Pickles in jar
Picture: Canva

However, it remains to be seen whether Domino’s Japan can replicate that trick with its latest offering: The Pickle Pizza.


On sale since July 3rd, the Pickle Pizza has…more than a few pickles. To be exact, according to Domino’s, it sports a full 600 grams – 1.3 pounds – of gherkins.

That may be too much for even the most hardcore pickle lover. But Domino’s is betting it’ll go over well in Japan, where pickled vegetables (漬物; tsukemono) are a staple food served with most meals.

The pizza is a 40cm round pizza – what Dominos Japan calls a “New York style” size. To help compliment the sourness of the pickles, the pizza eschews the usual tomato sauce in favor of a camembert cheese sauce. The final ingredient is mozzarella cheese.

Domino’s hasn’t given a firm date for when it’ll stop selling this limited-edition pizza. Its press release says it’ll retail it until it’s sold out of pickles.

But is it any good?!

Personally, I’m a big fan of tsukemono. But I’ve never been much for American-style pickles. There’s something about them that doesn’t do it for my taste buds.

My wife, by contrast, is a HUGE pickles lover and vows that she and her friend are going to try this one night while smashed. (Honestly, that sounds like the only way to enjoy it.) When she does, you can bet I’ll be filing a first-hand report live from Tokyo.

But what do people who’ve tried it already think? Twitter user @nao827912, a pickles lover who ordered it with added pepperoni, raved about the taste. However, they also commented that the “New York” size may be too much for local stomachs: “It’s too big – I gave up after one piece. Put the rest in the fridge.”

On the other hand, user @espresso_i5_cod on Twitter summed up their disappointment: “Um, yeah, the taste is about what I expected.”

In the end, your stance on the Pickles Pizza probably comes down to whether the idea of 1/5th of a pound of pickles on a slice of pizza makes you salivate or gag. Personally, I wouldn’t even be able to handle the smell. I’ll be lobbying Pizza Hut to bring back the coriander pie.

New Pizza Hut Offering is Soooo Much Coriander (LOL)


ドミノ・ピザ、「ピクルスピザ」を7月3日新発売!たっっっぷりのピクルス600gをビッグなNYサイズで! 本場アメリカで話題!?売り切れご免の数量限定。ピクルス好きな方は無くなる前にぜひお早めに!PRTimes

「パクチーすぎて草」追いパク決定!ピザハットの予想外メニュー延長. Jiyuzine

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