A Sweet Suite: New Hotels in Japan That’ll Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

A Sweet Suite: New Hotels in Japan That’ll Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

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Sweets buffet
Picture: 葉加瀬小太郎 / PIXTA(ピクスタ)
Want to stay somewhere a little sweeter while vacationing in Japan? Check out these hotels where dessert is ALWAYS on the menu.

News of a hotel opening usually doesn’t draw that much attention, but that wasn’t the case for Chateraise Hotel in Nagoya. Officially opening July 24, Chateraise Hotel is already drawing attention for its mouthwatering sweets buffet.

Since they’re a confectionery conglomerate, this should come as no surprise. Nagoya Station has seen an uptick in hotels, but Chateraise is hoping to capitalize off its sweet factor to draw in guests.

Per the hotel manager, “About 30% of the hotels in Nagoya have inbound tourism. This summer, in particular, a lot of people are coming from overseas to mountain climb and such. We’d like to build hotels with confectioneries and food at the forefront” [1].

With tourism to Japan on the rise again, we rounded up a few hotels that stand out for their dedication to top-tier dessert buffets sure to satisfy any sweet tooth.

Lotte City Hotel

Only about a 30-minute walk away from the Tokyo Skytree, Lotte City Hotel in Kinshicho is run by the one and only Lotte, most known for their Koala’s March (アラのマーチ) chocolate cookies. Their breakfast buffet includes koala-shaped pancakes, chocolate pies topped with Koala’s March cookies, and a Ghana chocolate fountain.

They offer four rooms bedecked in Koala’s March décor and themed toiletries. One of the main draws is their confectionery store, which hosts an all-you-can-eat ice cream event and a candy tsumehoudai (all-you-can-grab). Originally meant to be a one-time event a few years back, the tsumehoudai was an unprecedented success and became an annual event [2].

Koala’s March cookies (Source: Wikipedia)

Hotel Konigs-Krone Kobe

This B&B Neo-Renaissance hotel nestled in Kobe’s former foreign settlement is a must-visit for fans of German confectioneries and baked goods. You’ll find their mascot, Pochi the bear, on everything from bath towels to cake decorations. The gift shop offers limited-edition sweets and snacks perfect for souvenirs, but if you’re not content to simply devour sweets, the hotel also offers a cake-making workshop at their Sweets Making Kitchen [3].

Hotel Konigs-Krone Kobe (Source: Wikipedia)

Sweets Hotel Ruby

Sweets Hotel in Shibuya

We couldn’t pass up writing about the over-the-top Sweets Hotel Ruby, though keep in mind this is a love hotel.

For couples wanting to spend a few hours quite literally surrounded by giant donuts, ice cream cones, and other sweets, look no further than this love hotel in Shibuya. Its pink exterior is entirely covered with a variety of sweets. Sleep in a chocolate clam shell bed with donut pillows, soak in a heart-shaped bathtub, and binge on the complementary sweets from the service station. Two of the rooms even come equipped with merry-go-rounds. While it has a smaller sweets menu than you’d expect, the offerings seem appetizing enough [4].

While the following hotels aren’t centered on a dessert shtick, they’re well known for their seasonal dessert buffets, some of which you can still catch this summer.

The New Otani

Every year the New Otani Hotel in Tokyo hosts the Super Sweets Buffet, offering up truly mouth-watering selections for a limited time. This year’s theme is fruity with mangoes and melons, featuring shortcakes, peach sherbet, roll cakes, and more. This event ends August 31, but don’t fret if you miss it – New Otani hosts themed dessert buffets year-round at their various locations nationwide [5].

A promo vid for the Super Sweets Buffet

The Strings Hotel

Much like New Otani, The Strings Hotel in Nagoya also hosts seasonal dessert themes. This summer’s theme is the Princess Mermaid Afternoon Tea buffet, and yes, it looks as amazing as it sounds. Centered on an aqua blue and lavender purple color scheme, the delectable sweets offered include no-bake cheesecake, blackcurrant lollipops, lemon jelly, and peach macarons. The buffet is ongoing until August 31 [6].

Art Hotel Osaka Bay Tower

Okay, maybe princess mermaids aren’t your thing, but what about pirates? First held in 2022 to rave reviews, this hotel in Osaka is once again hosting a pirate-themed summer sweet buffet. Feast from a treasure chest of clove-infused sweets, take a bite from a cinnamon and chocolate cake shaped like the legendary Flying Dutchman, or dive into blue syrup jello. This buffet also ends August 31 [7].

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